Welcome to FSl Embroidery
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we put new designs up regularly.

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Our club is very straightforward and should be easy to understand.......here are the rules.


1) for your Paypal payment you get all designs and projects we release each month on the 1st to the 3rd of the month.

2) You do not get access to designs or projects already on our website prior to the month you sign up.
(this means, you only get designs for the month you pay for)


pretty easy to understand? I hope so, I am keeping this very easy to understand.

I will try to complete at least 25 designs or projects (or in combination) each month, But as I have a regular life, and this is only a hobby, that is only a guess... if it is more you get even more each month, if it is less, then you will receive less.

You must be able to accept a single winzipped (zip file) each month on the first of the month. This file will be ranging from a meg to several megs...so be sure you can accept large files. Gmail, Hotmail, etc may not accept large files so please use your real email address to accept the file.


You may not share the file I send you with anyone else. This file is for you and you only... anyone caught sharing will have their membership canceled immediately.


I may, at my discretion use a tracking program to insure you do not share my designs if needed. (You agree to this prior to signing up by accepting this here now)


You may not share my designs of projects with anyone else, ever...once you purchase them, they are yours for life, but you may never, ever share or sell them to anyone else.

You may not use my projects or designs to create other designs for yourself. (you accept my designs and/or projects as they are and may not change them in any way other then to change size, format or color)

Please remember to back up the file we send you as we can not resend your file to you again once it is received. If for any reason you do not receive your file in email after the 4th of the month, email me and I will resend it to you or find another way to get it to you.

STORE HOURS: M-F 9am to 6pm
I am off on weekends and holidays and can not answer emails.


If you agree to these small terms, please feel free to sign up below.